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  1. One of the forefathers of cannabis strains, White Widow is a dutch bred varietal that goes all the way back to the 1990’s winning a High Times Cup in 1995. White Widow got its name because of its high resin production with its pearly white trichomes prevalent even on its larger fan leaves. Because of its abnormally high trichome count, White Widow is known for its hash production with THC levels toppling most varietals. White Widow is a great strain for any garden because of its high adaptability and easy going nature!

Every (1) packet comes with 10 seeds for $29.99.

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This varietal’s reputation has been built on its excellence in smell, flavor, and quality of high. White Widow has fragrantly fresh pine cone nugs that have a taste bordering between fruit and flowers when smoked. Setting the standard for kind bud, White Widow washes over you with a warm feeling of mildly trippy sensations.

White Widow hybrid cannabis strain is a compact plant of medium height. The buds only develop a few amber-colored hairs, but the outrageous crystalline resin production of this plant has become legendary. Inevitably the reputation that precedes it leads some growers to decide that it is overrated, but many find this variety to be everything they anticipated and more. White Widow has the potential to live up to its reputation if grown adeptly.

This strain is recommended for indoor gardening, where water and fertilizer should be administered modestly to avoid mildew and retain the delicious flavors. Greenhouse suggests changing the lighting to 8 hours during the last 2 weeks of flowering in order to halt regrowth of on the buds and produce just enough stress to coax out the maximum amount of sticky resin per inch.

Additional information


Earthy, Piney


Brazilian Sativa Landrace x South Indian Indica

Use Cases

Euphoria, Creativity, Energy

Flowering Time

Indoor: 8-10wks

Outdoor: End-October/Early November

Indica Dominant

75% Indica/25% Sativa

Packet Size

10 Seeds, 100 Seeds, 1000 Seeds

11 reviews for White Widow Seeds

  1. Irvin Garcia /smokey’s garden (verified owner)

    Great genetics!!! this is a white widow I grew in my closet…. I will definitely be getting more seeds from premiumseed market.

    White Widow Seeds
  2. kdadkin2forhere93 (verified owner)

    Think the white widow is the bomb, easy to grow and great prices, custom er service are quick to respond if something wrong thanks great genetics happy growing.

  3. Banji (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Cant wait to crack these and the mix packs. All Seeds ordered look visually mature, im pleased so far with the bag appeal quality… Waiting on mother nature to figure out what she wants… To be continue…

  4. Kevin Huff (verified owner)

    High trichome production, stays small, flowers fast

  5. Karen Smith (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with my white widow plants. This is my first crop ever and she was so easy to grow. What a beautiful plant and an incredible strain.

  6. myshityplace (verified owner)

    8 out of 10 females, haven’t grown the last two.
    Great looking, exactly as pictured. Very, very happy thank you PSM!

  7. Tom

    Beautiful green healthy plant. With super sticky buds

  8. Amy

    Yes!! Thank you PSM! So happy with these.

  9. Mike C.

    Mine are beautiful. Small indoor grow in Maine.

  10. Christopher

    Incredible seeds. My girls turned pretty darn good. Potent and sticky.

  11. jeff_s6344 (verified owner)

    First off PremiumSeeds is a top notch company to deal with. I bought a few strains to include WW. 9 out other 10 seeds cracked right away. They grew quickly under some LEDs and have since been planted outdoors. They exploded with growth and are now flowering. I’ve ended up with 7 females out of the 9. Super pleased with the strain so far. I plan on updating this after the harvest. Thank you PremiumSeeds.

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