Regardless of whether the state you live in allows it or not, cannabis is making its place in the U.S. and becoming increasingly more accepted within society. With more legal states offering growers certain forms of cultivation provisions along with the wide amount of available information, cannabis continues to work its way into our backyards. If you live in a state where it is legal, there’s never been a better time to pick up growing and access all of the perks that come with home cultivation. Follow along with this blog as we lay out some of our favorite reasons why you should consider growing your own cannabis flower. 

Defining Your Home Grow Setup

First things first. Before starting your own grow, we recommend defining your whole operation or setup: from the layout (such as a tent or greenhouse), to where you’ll grow on your property, all the way to what seeds you’d want to use. Other factors such as how you’ll grow are equally as important. 

For example, we recommend getting to know your equipment, what you’ll be feeding your plant(s), what kind of soil or grow medium you’ll use, where the plants are going to live, and what they’ll be transferred to as they grow.

There’s plenty of research to be done before you start but, once you’ve got a method down and a properly researched growth plan—it’ll all go smoothly. 

Time Management & Having Full Control of Your Cultivation Project

As the process of growing goes, it takes time to learn, but in the end, you’ll find all worth it once you have a set system that you enjoy working with. 

Growing at home allows for complete control over every aspect of the cultivation process. Subsequently, one of the most rewarding things about growing at home is figuring out the specific routine that works best for you.

The possibilities of having control at home are endless. 

Whether you want to cultivate organically, hydroponically, in containers, or outside in raised beds — there are many specialized systems available and designed to make growing accessible to cater to consumers’ individual preferences.

On the other hand, home growing brings a bigger level of safety to the table for individuals who want to take precautions in order to create a healthier and more organic product to consume. 

Questions to Ask to Prepare for Cultivation:

  • How big is your grow going to be and what’s your goal? How many plants and what type?
  • What lighting structure will you use? Natural, LED, etc.
  • Will your grow start in a small room, or will you require a bigger space?
  • How are you going to circulate air, and work with humidity?
  • Once you’ve got your materials set up, will it take much effort to maintain?
  • What will your growing techniques and stages of growth look like?

Thinking About Starting Your First Homegrow?

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*Always consult a physician before making any changes to your health or fitness regimen.*