White Widow Seeds


White Widow Seeds

This varietal’s reputation has been built on its excellence in smell  and undeniable physical profile. White Widow has fragrantly fresh pine cone flower that has a profile bordering between fruit and flowers when ripe.

White Widow hybrid strain is a compact plant of medium height. Inevitably the reputation that precedes it leads some growers to believe that it is overrated, but many find this variety to be everything they anticipated and more when actually giving it a try in their own gardens. White Widow has the potential to live up to its reputation if grown adeptly.

This strain is recommended for indoor gardening, where water and fertilizer should be administered modestly to avoid mildew. Greenhouse suggests changing the lighting to 8 hours during the last 2 weeks of flowering in order to halt regrowth of on the flower and produce just enough stress to coax out the maximum amount of flower per inch.

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Brazilian Sativa Landrace x South Indian Indica

Flowering Time

Indoor: 8-10wks Outdoor: End-October/Early November

Indica Dominant

75% Indica/25% Sativa

Packet Size

10 Seeds, 100 Seeds, 1000 Seeds

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One of the forefathers of of all strains, White Widow is a Dutch bred varietal that goes all the way back to the 1990’s winning a HT  Cup in 1995. White Widow got its name because of its  its pearly white hairs prevalent even on its larger fan leaves. White Widow is a great strain for any garden because of its high adaptability and easy going nature!

White Widow

Growers worldwide favor White Widow, a classic cannabis strain, for its resilience, potent effects, and distinctive appearance. Boasting a 75/25 indica-dominant hybrid constitution, White Widow is renowned for its balanced effects. This strain descended from a cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace and a resin-rich South Indian indica. Its robustness and ease of cultivation earn it widespread acclaim, making it the go-to choice for both novice and experienced growers.


One of the key reasons growers appreciate White Widow is its adaptability to various growing conditions. It thrives indoors and outdoors, showing a high resistance to pests and molds. This strain is particularly known for its abundant resin production, giving the buds a whitish, frosted appearance that’s visually striking and indicative of its potency.

Genetics of White Widow

White Widow is a legendary cannabis strain with a rich history and distinctive genetics, making it one of the most recognized strains globally. It was first bred in the early 1990s in the Netherlands, a country known for its innovative cannabis cultivation. White Widow quickly made its mark as a staple in Dutch coffee shops and soon became a hit in the international cannabis scene.


The genetic lineage of White Widow is a cross between two landrace strains: a Brazilian sativa and a South Indian indica. The Brazilian sativa component provides White Widow with its uplifting and cerebral effects, while the South Indian indica contributes to its resin production and physical relaxation effects.

Growing White Widow

White Widow, a hybrid strain, stands out for its compact, medium-height stature, which fits a variety of grow spaces. Though some deem it overrated due to its fame, many growers assert that White Widow indeed meets its reputation, providing satisfying results when cultivated with skill and care.


In terms of cultivation environment, this strain is particularly well-suited for indoor gardening. This preference is partly due to its moderate size, which makes it easier to manage in controlled conditions. When growing White Widow indoors, it’s important to administer water and fertilizer modestly to prevent issues like mildew. One recommended technique is to adjust the lighting to 8 hours during the last two weeks of flowering. This change helps halt regrowth on the flower and induces just enough stress to maximize flower production per inch.


When it comes to yield, White Widow can be pretty generous. Indoors, growers can expect an estimated yield of about 450 to 500 grams per square meter under optimal conditions. This yield is achievable with careful attention to the plant’s needs, including proper lighting, watering, and nutrition.

Aroma and Effects of White Widow

White Widow, a notorious strain within the cannabis culture, is widely recognized for its compelling aromatic profile. Earning its reputation through a fragrance evocative of crisp pine cones, it owes its unique scent to a rich and bountiful spectrum of terpenes. As the buds of the White Widow plant mature, this aroma further develops, transitioning from the fresh pine scent into a more complex interplay of scents, oscillating between fruity and floral notes.

A sensory delight, the flavor of this strain mimics its aromatic qualities, creating an unmistakable fusion of taste sensations. This strain offers an earthy, pine-laden palate underscored with gentle whispers of fruit and floral notes. This convergence of earthy and sweet flavors results in an intricate, enjoyable taste experience that caters to a diversity of palates. Whether you prefer the robustness of earthy tones or the delicate hint of sweet notes, White Widow promises to take you on a uniquely flavorful journey.

User experiences with White Widow resoundingly report it as a strain that may promote a balanced interplay of cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation. The cerebral effects echo tales of mental uplift and euphoria, potentially providing a fresh, positive perspective. Complementing this upbeat mental landscape, users believe that this strain also induces a soothing bodily calm, relaxing the physical senses. Of course these effects will vary person to person and cultivar to cultivar, but these are by far the most common.

This harmonious coalescence of mental alertness and physical composure is what makes White Widow a favorite amongst those seeking a blend of mental rejuvenation and physical tranquility.

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