Strawberry Gary (feminized)


Strawberry Gary (feminized)

Strawberry Gary is ​​a cross between Gary Payton and the delicious Red Pop. Result of a collaboration between the company Cookies Fam and Powerzzz Genetics, Strawberry Gary is a highly coveted hybrid strain. It has high amounts of THC and its effects provide and experience like no other. The infusion of great terps and the great yield that she produces make her a champion with a lot of potential to cross her and create great strains.

The thick diesel aroma is complimented by a sweetly strawberry tinge as the name suggests. The fruit scent is evenly mixed with earthy tones, wrapped up in a diesel punch. The buds are medium green in hue, dotted generously with dark orange hairs and covered liberally with a trichomes frosting.

Flowers of Strawberry Gary  are medium to large in size and adhere in a clustered formation that resembles a head of cauliflower. The buds hold a very dense, indica-typical structure, with small leaves that are tightly coiled inward. The leaves themselves are a light shade of purple and are wound through with orange and brown pistils. Finally, a blanket of cloudy white trichomes makes these flowers appear almost white when seen from a distance.

Home growers will appreciate the resiliency of this plant as Strawberry Gary can withstand mold, pests, and extreme weather along with the best of them. This allows outdoor cultivation to be quite easy, although you can certainly choose to plant her inside as well. Experts advise using hydroponics or a solid medium whenever possible, and after a relatively short 7 to 9 weeks of flowering time, you’ll be able to reap your rewards. Even though Strawberry Gary flowers earlier than most strains, she tends to yield heavier than most,  so a heavy harvest will most likely be on the horizon for any grower of this particular varietal!

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Gary Peyton x Red Pop

Flowering Time

Indoor: 7-9wks

Outdoor: Early-September

Indica Dominant

70% Indica, 30% Sativa

Packeted Size

10 Seeds, 20 Seeds, 5 Seeds

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