Lemon Pineapple Seeds

Lemon Pineapple Seeds

Lemon Pineapple is bred for an unmistakable lemon profile. It is the lemoniest of the crosses being bred, and since users like the lemon, expect the strain to become more lemon and less /skunk/diesel, increasing its terpene profile of limonene while phasing out the profile of most strains. Lemon Pineapple may appear to be a paler green than other strains and it may even look yellow. The flower is sticky and the plant has white or orange hairs coating its surface making it visually appealing to most farmers.

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Lemon Diesel x Pineapple Genetics

Flowering Time

Indoors: 9-10wks Outdoor: Late October/ Early November

Sativa Dominant

70%Sativa / 30%Indica

Packet Size

10 Seeds, 100 Seeds, 1000 Seeds

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