Texada Timewarp Seeds


Texada Timewarp Seeds

Texada Timewarp is somewhat of a rare breed, it was specifically designed to be grown outdoors, where some plants can reach up to 13 feet. Created for those growers that felt they had to sacrifice smell for survivability, the strain resists pests and molds. It also has sturdy branches that can stand strong against winds.

Not much information is left about growing true Texada but its descendants generally finish in late September or mid-October. Yields for these strains range between between 100 and 600 grams per plant.

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Timewarp x Canadian Landrace

Flowering Time

Indoor: 7-9 wks Outdoor: Late-September

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10 Seeds, 100 Seeds, 1000 Seeds

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Originally bred and grown on the island of Texada in British Columbia. Texada Timewarp is an incredibly resilient  varietal that will leave growers astounded grow after grow due to its ability to thrive in colder climates.  Texada is a fast producing, low maintenance, hardy plant that is best suited for outside growing.


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