Black Cherry Gelato (feminized)


Black Cherry Gelato (feminized)

Black Cherry Gelato might be the best dessert strain you’ve ever indulged in if you can find her. Bred by unknown individuals, this cross between Acai and Black Cherry Funk comes across with an indica-dominant profile that puts up a fight. Robust flavors are plentiful, however actually locating this bud proves to be intensely difficult for most. Not much is known about Black Cherry Gelato but there is one thing for certain — she comes in strong with a 26% THC potency that can be hard to handle for anyone who is less than experienced.

Each dark green nug is practically dripping with amber-colored trichomes and features thin orange pistils that poke through this glittering exterior. Bolder on your tongue than you might expect, cherries and berries are the dominant  aromas, however, both herbs and skunk also play a role to balance out this bud’s profile.

Indica lovers would be thrilled to have Black Cherry Gelato growing in their own backyard, but sadly, no one knows much about how to tend to her at home. Finding nugs of this bud is difficult enough on the retail level, let alone tracking down seeds or clones for personal use. If you do happen to come across the opportunity to grow her yourself, we’d highly recommend consulting with an experienced grower before you do anything else.

Why is it that the seemingly best strains on the market are the hardest to find? No one may ever know the answer, but the least we can do is dream of the day that Black Cherry Gelato becomes more readily available across the United States. Between her luscious flavors and her reported effects, it’s as if there’s no telling how amazing this bud truly is. Luckily, you have came to the right place, take advantage of purchasing these seeds before they are gone for good!

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Acai with Black Cherry Funk

Flowering Time

Indoor: 7-8wks

Outdoor: Late-September

Indica Dominant

60% Indica, 40% Sativa

Packeted Size

10 Seeds, 20 Seeds, 5 Seeds

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