Whether you are excited about the upcoming outdoor grow season in Northern California, or you have been happily harvesting indoors all year, The Golden State and its citizens are no strangers to homegrow culture.  

We all know how popular both types of (indoor and outdoor) grows are all around the state and there’s no end in sight. 

The Emerald Triangle has long been a hot spot for some of the best cannabis in the United States, and Cali has long been a pioneer for techniques, culture, and reformation of the plant in the country. 

Simply put, the culture is strong here and will remain so while more research sheds a positive light on the plant and the popularity of cannabis skyrockets.  

Shining a Light on Cultivation Legality in California

Ever since Prop 64 was passed in 2016, California citizens were able to begin growing as many as six plants per home. Of course, this is to be done discreetly, and only for personal use. 

On the other hand, some cities and towns have been pushing to say grows for personal use must be indoors or permitted person to person.

This is why we always suggest staying updated on the local policies in your area before starting a grow, regardless if you plan on something indoor or outdoor. 

Why is Seed Preference so Important in Cannabis Cultivation?

If you’re all caught up on the above, or have been cultivating for some time, you’ll know how important it is to have a reliable setup. What’s more, you’ll know how important seed selection is to the longevity and outcome of your grow. 

Above all, selecting a reliable source of seeds is key to a good start. But it really all comes down to the preference of what you’re looking for, as many experienced growers know what they want and what works best for them. 

At the end of the day, Home Cultivators: get excited and start enjoying your gardens! 

It’s your grow and that means that ultimately you get to decide what you want when it comes to your layout, seed selection, specific cultivation techniques, harvest methods, etc. 

The Abundancy of Cannabis Homegrow Resources in California

No matter where you are located in California or what kind of cannabis you want to grow, there is an amazing community of teachers and endless information regarding cultivation – in person and online. 

A few resources we recommend for new and novice growers looking to advance their craft in the state are: 

The above-mentioned are only a slice of the available resources and public groups you can be a part of or learn from. 

Every major city offers its own resources, clubs, and groups to step up your game and share stories with professionals in the industry. California runs deep! 

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