Growing your own cannabis straight from seed is a fantastic way to get exactly what you want right at your fingertips. State-led legalization is spreading, making home cultivation more accessible than ever before.

Whether you’re a novice grower or an experienced cultivator, knowing how to purchase seeds from reputable seed banks in the US is crucial. With so many questions about ordering cannabis seeds online, such as risks, male-to-female seed ratios, and trustworthy sources, finding the right seed bank that ships to your location is the first step.

However, the process of finding legitimate and appropriate seeds requires time, research, and careful consideration. In this guide, we’ll help you navigate the world of reputable seed banks, ensuring a successful and satisfying growing experience.

Buying the Finest Cannabis Genetics from Premium Seed Market

There are a lot of shady seed bank websites out there. It can be hard to know whether you’re dealing with a trusted, legitimate business with a good product. 

To assist with your decision, this article compiles what you should keep an eye out for when selecting a reputable seed bank. 

We’ve been operating in Oregon for nearly two decades. Here at Premium Seed Market, we bring years of cultivation experience to the table. We pride ourselves on being one of the best seed banks in the United States. 

We aim to go above and beyond these guidelines. Our goals are to deliver the best genetics and uphold our trusted reputation to customers from all over the country.  


Superior Experience & Reliable Reputation  

Starting off, reputable seed banks should protect your identity while ensuring discreet shipment. They should also aim to provide their clients with high-quality cannabis seeds over a large selection of strains. 

Fast and discrete shipping is more important than ever in our rapidly changing cannabis sphere. Upholding customer satisfaction is vital to us. Handling changes, updating information, and covering damaged products should all be guaranteed by any trustworthy seed provider. 

From beginners to experts alike, we back the idea of providing seeds that anyone can grow, successfully. 

Seed banks require the overall team experience of having tested hundreds of strains. Countless hours are spent picking the best varietals, and preserving the strongest genetics in order to breed them year after year.


Wide Selection of Legendary Seeds & Strains 

All trustworthy seed banks should offer a great selection of seeds that have been tested and can be grown with ease. Reviews and customer credit are everything. 

Our available strains are among the most popular in the country. Their premium quality has been proven time and time again, always leaving our customers satisfied. 

Among the favorites, our Purple Buddha and Super Lemon Haze seeds are some of the most widely known and grown.  

Finally, whether the seed bank offers Sativa, Indica, and Landrace dominant seeds is always a great thing to look for. Having guaranteed options that cater to various needs is crucial. It shows a substantial range of versatility regarding the seed bank and its cultivators. 

Every one of our seeds is the result of over 30 years of experience producing and testing more than 150 varieties. This includes all the top strains in the Pacific Northwest. 


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At Premium Seed Market, we pride ourselves as one of the best seed banks in the US, providing top-notch cannabis genetics and ensuring customer satisfaction nationwide. With a wide selection of legendary strains, discreet shipping, and over 30 years of experience, our premium seeds offer the best of the Pacific Northwest.

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