Growing Cannabis at Home in Colorado: What to Know

Colorado is one of the leading states in cannabis cultivation. Although Premium Seed Market is based in Oregon, we have countless satisfied customers from the Centennial State. In this blog, we will discuss the history of cannabis in Colorado, the basics of Colorado’s personal cannabis cultivation laws, and the essentials of setting up a home […]

Cannabis Strain Breakdown (Indica-Dominant): Dogwalker OG

For over 30 years, at Premium Seed Market, we have tested hundreds of strains to provide our customers with only the best. Not only do we want to provide the best product, but we also want to provide information and education that will allow our customers to thrive in their own cultivation process. In a […]

Cannabis Cultivation 101: Cloning

cannabis seed sales

When you think of cloning, you might think of a sci-fi experiment from a movie. But did you know you can clone cannabis? The process of cloning cannabis can be done on your own if you have the right knowledge and the right plants to start with. In this blog, we will teach you what […]

The Beauty of Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation in Oregon

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The modern cannabis market as we know it started with indigenous landrace strains. Humans then began to cultivate the plant, introducing it to different regions that each specific variety could tolerate. With the advancement of agricultural technology, cannabis was then brought into temperature-controlled greenhouses, expanding its growing potential.  At Premium Seed Market, we have been […]