Let’s talk about the beauty of outdoor cannabis cultivation in Oregon!

At Premium Seed Market, we have been licensed medical growers in Oregon for over three decades. Through the beauty and wonder of the nourishing Pacific Northwest climate, we have been able to cultivate over 150 strains both indoor and outdoor use. We have found that cultivating cannabis outdoors in Oregon has provided us with top-quality seeds.

In this blog, we will talk about cultivating cannabis indoors vs. outdoors, Oregon’s ideal growing climate, and popular west coast outdoor strains.


Cannabis Cultivation – Indoor vs. Outdoor

What are the pros and cons of growing cannabis indoors? For starters, growers can closely monitor and alter the growing conditions of the greenhouse. Additionally, cannabis can be grown year-round indoors. It can also be protected from changes in weather and precipitation.

These artificial elements are very similar to nature. However, they are no match for natural elements like the sun. Recreating the precise growth effects of the sun would be both challenging and expensive. And while the plants are weather protected, the greenhouse does not necessarily protect from pests like aphids and spider mites.

Conversely, growing cannabis outdoors has pros and cons of its own. Certain strains of cannabis are acclimated to particular climates. This means they require less protection from the weather. Due to logistics, cannabis is also able to grow much larger outdoors than indoors, which proves to be the biggest potential payoff (literally and figuratively) of growing cannabis outdoors.

What’s more, growing outside has been shown to be less taxing on the environment. However, a main drawback is fewer harvests and, while nature may help with the growth of cannabis, outdoor cultivation runs the risk of various other challenges including mold (and a large assortment of other pests).


Why Oregon’s Climate is Ideal for Growing

So, why do we talk so much about the beauty of outdoor cannabis cultivation in Oregon? Each cannabis plant has certain preferences for optimal growth. Oregon’s vast land provides steppe, desert, and continental climates to accommodate for many different strains. Not only are the climate conditions appropriate for cannabis cultivation, the 3,600 ft. elevation of our farm is optimal as well!

Because Oregon’s climate allows for outdoor growing, it can also save cultivators money. According to Leafbuyer, growing cannabis outdoors costs about $200, as opposed to about $1000+ indoors. Overall, Oregon can account for sativa strains that prefer more ‘tropical’ climates and indica strains that prefer mountainous areas, which makes Oregon a prime location for cannabis cultivation.


Popular West Coast Outdoor Strains

Because of the unique climate and terrain of the West Coast, many strains that originated from there have become household names. Here are some examples, all of which are available in our store:

  • Trainwreck – Trainwreck is a sturdy sativa-dominant hybrid that can withstand disease, which makes it great for the outdoors (with some coverage from frosty weather). Harvesting time is late October to early November.
  • Northern Lights – Northern Lights is a classically potent indica-dominant hybrid. Its plants grow up to about 4 to 5 feet and are harvested in mid-October.
  • Girl Scout Cookies – Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid. It is produced by crossing Durban Poison and OG, also harvested in mid-October.
  • Blue Dream – Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It is created by crossing the all-time faves, Blueberry and Haze. This strain is notoriously easy to grow (perfect for beginners!) and is harvested in late September to early October.


Premium Seed Market: Your Source for the Best Cannabis Seeds!

In conclusion, Oregon’s unique environment surely provides a myriad of opportunities for cannabis cultivation — if you have the right tools, guidance, and know where to start! The beauty of outdoor cannabis cultivation in Oregon is all up to you.

If you’re ready to start your cultivation journey, visit our online store to see which seeds would be right for you. 

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