Hey there, future cultivators and seasoned green thumbs alike! Welcome back to another installment of Cannabis Cultivation 101, brought to you by your friends at Premium Seed Market. Today, we’re diving head-first into the bountiful world of the harvest stage. It might seem a little intimidating at first, but that’s why we’re here to guide you through it. Read on! 

How to Cultivate Cannabis: Pre-Harvest Preparations

Before you get to harvesting, it is important to set yourself up for success. Here’s what you should consider doing to ensure a bountiful and top-quality yield:

  • Properly flush your plants to remove excess nutrients.
  • Keep a close eye on environmental factors such as humidity and temperature to prevent post-harvest issues. 
  • Choose the right time of day to harvest to preserve the potency and aroma of your cannabis.
  • Sterilize your equipment for a clean and safe harvest.


These preparations are the foundation for a successful, satisfying harvest and a cannabis crop of which you can be proud.

Homegrown Cannabis: Harvesting Techniques

Now that you have prepared your plants and chosen the optimal time of day, you are ready! These are some techniques and considerations to harvest your cannabis with precision, love, and care:


Hand-Trimming vs. Machine-Trimming: 

You have two choices when trimming your harvested cannabis. Hand-trimming involves meticulous precision with scissors, ensuring top quality; however, it can be time-intensive. Machine-trimming is quicker but may sacrifice some precision.


Best Practices for Cutting the Plants

Carefully cut the main branches and remove fan leaves using clean, sharp shears or scissors. Minimize handling to avoid damaging the parts responsible for potency and aroma. Consider dividing the plant into manageable sections for easier handling.


Handling Harvested Cannabis: 

Use clean, dry hands (or gloves) in order to avoid contamination, and refrain from squeezing or overhandling the flower. After trimming, place the cannabis in appropriate containers or drying racks to initiate the drying and curing process, setting the stage for a premium final product.

a woman harvests cannabis

Following these steps will lead you towards a rewarding and top-tier cannabis harvest.


How to Grow Cannabis at Home: Drying & Curing Your Crops

  • Proper Drying Methods

You can hang your harvested cannabis or lay it flat to dry. Hanging encourages better airflow, while flat drying minimizes deformation.

  • The Curing Process

Curing allows for the gradual release of moisture, which potentially enhances the aroma and potency of your cannabis while reducing the harshness. Use airtight glass jars to store your dried flower. Air out (burp) the jars daily for the first few weeks to release excess moisture and promote even curing. (Many cultivators prefer a curing period of 2-8 weeks, but the longer the better for a smoother, more refined product.)

  • Maintaining Proper Conditions

During drying and curing, monitor humidity levels inside the containers using a hygrometer. Maintain a dark, cool place for your curing jars, and continue to burp them regularly.

  • Post-Harvest Trimming & Packaging

After the initial harvest and drying, some cultivators prefer a secondary trimming step to refine the appearance and quality of the flower. This post-harvest trimming can be done using fine scissors or trimming machines to remove any remaining leaves.


To maintain the freshness and quality of your cannabis, use airtight, odor-proof containers such as glass jars or specialized storage bags. These containers help protect your cannabis from air and light, which can degrade cannabinoids and terpenes. Ensure your storage containers are clean and thoroughly dry before transferring your flower.


When it comes to storing your cannabis flower and your cannabis seeds, several factors should be considered. Store your sealed containers in a cool, dark place to prevent exposure to heat and light, which can degrade your flower. Maintain a stable temperature and humidity level for long-term storage. Avoid frequent opening of containers to prevent unnecessary exposure to air. Properly stored cannabis can retain its freshness and potency for months, if not longer.

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Our Cannabis Cultivation 101 series spans the lifetime of your cannabis plants. For more tips on how to grow your own cannabis, check out our previous blog on how to germinate seeds like a pro.


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