With the abundance of free available resources that encompass our needs and wants for all things cannabis, setting up grow spaces, finding the right seeds, and growing your own flower is easier than ever.  

With this massive accessibility, experienced and beginner enthusiasts are just as likely to benefit from it. 

This leads right into our next topic—germination. Whether you happen to be a new or old enthusiast in the growing game, we should all know how to properly germinate our seeds, as it’s the first step to a successful grow.

It’s not hard to get a germination technique down—all it requires is a few materials and your patience! Easy as that. 


Premium Seed Market’s Simple & Highly Effective Guide to Seed Germination 

Keeping the above in mind, having a simple method and technique will always result in a more positive germination rate. Our two favorite at-home methods only require some paper towels, a little cup or a jar, and a plastic ziplock baggie. 

The first method is commonly known within the growing community as the paper towel method and can be used along with the soaking method which we’ll address below.

If you want to get things done quickly, place your seeds in a wet paper towel, fold them over a few times, and place them in a plastic ziplock baggie. Make sure the paper towel stays moist (and relatively warmer as it helps if the grow medium is slightly warmer) and wait until your seeds pop. 

Ziplock bags also help to keep moisture and warmth in your medium.

On the other hand, a popular and preferred method over the paper towel method is simply germinating in a warm jar of regular or distilled water. Many growers prefer this as removing the germinated seeds from a bag and towel may damage the delicate root structure. 

All you have to do is place your seeds in the jar full of water, tap ‘em down, and wait for them to sprout within 24 hours—we’ve seen some monster taproots with this method as well!


Working With & Germinating More Than 50 Seeds at a time?

Deeproot seed starting trays and Rapid Rooters are great for larger grows and can even be used instead of the paper towel or soaking methods and give equally or higher germination rates. 

Since these methods come with holes ready for the roots to pop out of, they offer more room for root masses as well as more optimal air-to-water ratios.

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As always, if you’re starting a new grow or are a complete beginner, we’ve got years of experience in growing and delivering some of the best resources for home growers in the industry.

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