Rainbow Cake


Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the tasty Wedding Cake X Rainbow Belts strains. Named for its gorgeous appearance and classic heritage, Rainbow Cake is the perfect choice for any hybrid lover. This strain has spade-shaped olive green flowers with bright purple undertones, thin vivid orange hairs and a coating of purple-tinted white crystal leaves dripping with sweet sticky resin. As you pull apart each sparkling flower, aromas of sour citrus, fruity berries and sweet creamy vanilla are released.

What you will find with this strain that does look different than other strains. You’ll find purple, orange/red, white, and green in large patches. Crystals are generously sprinkled and it should be pretty sticky to the touch. Rainbow Cake is known for its pine smell, but you may also smell Skunk.

Rainbow Cake is not easy to find seeds of, so you came to the right place! If you are interested in cultivation, it will be helpful to know that these bushes grow both outdoors and indoors. They do not grow too tall, their height is 30-60 inches. The flowering period is 52-64 days.



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Additional information


Wedding Cake x Rainbow Belts

Flowering Time

Indoor: 7-8wks
Outdoor: – Early September

Split Dominant

50% Sativa x 50% Indica

Packet Size

10 Seeds, 100 Seeds, 1000 Seeds

Rainbow Cake is a hybrid strain made by crossing Wedding Cake with Rainbow Belts. The effects of this strain are relatively unknown. Rainbow Cake’s lineage leads us to believe it may provide an evenly balanced effects. Different cuts of Rainbow Cake may be more potent than others, with some topping out at 25%!