GMO Cookies (feminized)

GMO Cookies (feminized)

The strangest thing about the aroma of the GMO Cookies strain is that it seems to smell like freshly peeled garlic. As soon as you walk by this bud, you will smell fresh cloves of lightly crushed, slightly spicy garlic.

There is also a little bit of coffee on the backend of the aroma, giving the whole smelling experience a really strange and exciting quality.

The really interesting thing about the bud of the GMO Cookies strain is that it doesn’t look like an indica at all.

With a green color and a big burst of white trichomes, the shape of the bud is quite elongated. There is a good quantity of orange pistils which, mixed with the dense trichomes, are what gives it its distinctive aroma and flavor.

When deciding whether to grow it indoors or outdoors, you just need to consider what kind of temperature you have available. If you are in a colder climate, you might find your GMO Cookies struggles to last long enough to make a good harvest yield. However, if you subject it to colder temperatures, you will find an interesting coloration difference, which can be pretty cool.

To help increase the eventual yield from your GMO Cookies plant, it is best to try and practice regular topping. This means cutting off the very top of the plant as it grows beyond its first branches.

The GMO Cookies strain is another of those interesting varieties of cannabis with a weird name and a great reputation. Its name is so weird, in fact, that the cannabis community has overruled the original growers and just called it what it smells like – Garlic Cookies.

Whether you prefer to call it GMO Cookies or Garlic Cookies, the fact remains that it is a super interesting strain. Filled with rich, competing flavors that battle it out on your tongue, this is a great strain to try no matter the occasion.

To really see the full extent of the appearance and aroma of the GMO Cookies strain, you should try and grow your own!

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Additional information


Girl Scout Cookies x Chemdawg

Flowering Time

Indoor: 6-8wks
Outdoor: Early-September

Indica Dominant

90% Indica x 10% Sativa

Packeted Size

10 Seeds, 20 Seeds, 5 Seeds

Strangely named and even more strangely flavored, this indica leaning hybrid is definitely worth it. With an incredible amount of garlic, coffee, and sweet flavors and a super chillaxed vibe, this strain is a must try for cannabis gourmets everywhere.

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