Gary Payton


Gary Payton

Gary Payton seeds are not easy to come by straight from the breeder, but you can find them from other growers (like us!). This cannabis strain is easy to grow indoors and outdoors, reaching about 6 feet tall. If you want to grow them indoors, you should keep the conditions warm and maintain above average humidity. It flowers indoors in about 7-9 weeks, producing about 1.5 ounces of buds per square foot. Outdoor growers have to wait until late October to harvest about 20 ounces per plant.

Gary Payton is referred to as a powerhouse because of the energy boost it gives the users. It is preferred for daytime use as you get the motivation to handle your tasks. You can also look forward to increased mental awareness, including improved focus and overall concentration.

Gary Payton has conical shaped and tightly packed buds that are layered in a frosting of resinous and crystalline glandular trichomes, and burnt orange pistils that you typically will find in most signature Cookies bred strains. Depending on cultivation and curing techniques, adequately cultivated flowers of the Gary Payton cannabis strain will usually be forest to vivid green in color and bear hues of dark purples. It’s known to emit a nutty, musky, piney, and earthy aroma, accompanied by sweet berry undertones and produces a robust earthy flavor, and berry effect.



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The Y x Snowman

Flowering Time

Indoor: 9-10wks Outdoor: Late-October

Sativa Dominant

70% Sativa, x 30% Indica

Packet Size

10 Seeds, 100 Seeds, 1000 Seeds

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Gary Payton

Bearing the moniker of the renowned NBA athlete, the Gary Payton strain is a highly favored 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. It is celebrated for its potent effects and unique set of characteristics. This cannabis strain exhibits an ease of cultivation under indoor and outdoor settings, contributing to its widespread popularity.

Both recreational and medicinal users ardently seek out the Gary Payton strain. They appreciate its potent and comprehensive potential effects, which span across physical relaxation and cerebral invigoration. The holistic experience it provides adds to its desirability, making it a recognized name in the cannabis user community.

Genetics of Gary Payton

Diving into the world of cannabis connoisseurship, one can’t miss the distinctive Gary Payton strain, a standout in cannabis communities due to its association with its namesake, its unique characteristics, and captivating backstory.

This distinguished strain was produced through a creative partnership between Cookies and Powerzzz Genetics, underpinning a prowess for cannabis cultivation and genius genetic selection. The strain bears the name of iconic NBA player, Gary Payton, who cemented his legacy through a basketball career defined by unparalleled defensive skills and an intensity that commanded the court.

The Gary Payton strain inherits its hybrid status from a harmonious blending of Y Griega and Snowman, two parent strains with complimentary traits. Each parent strain lends its distinctive characteristics, producing a delightful balance of sativa and indica effects. The Y Griega component infuses the strain with uplifting, energizing effects typical of sativa varieties, while Snowman contributes potent, resinous, and soothing characteristics derived from the indica lineage. This genetic fusion culminates in a strain that splendidly epitomizes the desired traits of both its progenitors.

Naming the strain “Gary Payton” extends beyond a casual hat tip to the basketball superstar. The athlete himself endorsed this designation, symbolizing a wider trend within the cannabis industry. Increasingly, strains are named after celebrities or noteworthy public figures, adding an extra layer of allure and familiarity.

Gary Payton, renowned for his extraordinary skill set and gripping intensity on the basketball court, particularly in the realm of defense, serves as a fitting namesake. The qualities associated with Gary – strength, resilience, and high-level performance – are embodied in the strain. This strain stands as a reflection of these attributes, symbolizing the power, resilience, and high performance expected from top-tier cannabis strains. Thus, the Gary Payton strain perfectly captures the essence of its namesake, offering a robust cannabis experience to its consumers.

Growing Gary Payton

Growing the Gary Payton cannabis strain is relatively straightforward, whether indoors or outdoors, making it a suitable choice for various levels of cultivators. This strain is known for its robust germination and growth rate, contributing to its ease of cultivation.

Standing at an average height of about 6 feet, Gary Payton is a moderately tall cannabis strain. The plant exhibits a compact structure, a signature characteristic often associated with strains bred by Cookies. The buds display a spectrum of colors that can range from lush forest green to a vibrant green. With the application of specialized cultivation and curing techniques, the buds can also boast dark, rich purple hues.

When it comes to indoor cultivation, Gary Payton flourishes under warm conditions with a slightly higher humidity level. It has a growth cycle of roughly 7-9 weeks when grown indoors, producing an output of around 450 grams per square meter. In outdoor environments, Gary Payton fares equally well, reaching culmination of its growth by late October. Under these open-air conditions, the per-plant produce can exceed 550 grams per square meter.

Aroma and Effects of Gary Payton

The distinctive aroma of the Gary Payton strain is marked by a nuanced mix of earthy, spicy, and herbal notes, accompanied by a subtle base of berry and citrus. Such scents are a testament to its rich and varied terpene profile, enhancing its overall sensory allure.

Gary Payton has achieved the title of “powerhouse” as a result of the energetic boost it imparts to its users. This cannabis strain is a preferred option for daytime use, as it may instill users with an invigorating motivation that helps them tackle and complete tasks efficiently.

Numerous users also report a heightened mental acuity, encompassing improvements in focus and concentration. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to approach any cannabis strain with the understanding that its effects can vary vastly between individuals. Therefore, the experiences portrayed by others may not perfectly mirror one’s personal reaction.

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