Cheetah Cake Seeds (Feminized)


Cheetah Cake Seeds (Feminized)

Cheetah Cake is a strain by the Cookies brand that cleverly combines a few favorites into something that gives off clarity, fuel flavors, and arousal, with a twist (the twist is citrus!). Its two parent strains are Cheetah Piss and Cherry Cheesecake, a combination that’s worth unpacking

The unique fragrance of Cheetah Cake is probably its most distinguishing feature. This strain’s strong aroma comes up to its name, and it’s definitely one you’ll want to keep jar-sealed. It has a strong dynamic scent with intense sour citrus undertones, almost cake-like. You can smell the strong diesel/cake odor as soon as you split apart the flower.

Cheetah Cake is one of the rare strains that has the Phellandrene terpene. Its scent profile includes citrus, mint, and wood, and it is responsible for the anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects of many cannabis strains.

If you’re lucky enough to get any Cheetah Cake strain seeds, you’ll be happy to hear that they thrive both inside and outdoors with appropriate care and attention. The plants have brilliant green foliage with dense, forest-green nugs encased in a thick, sticky layer of amber trichomes with a somewhat purple color. Also, Cheetah Cake buds are beautifully covered with yellow and orange hairs.

These plants can grow up to six feet tall indoors but up to eight feet tall outside! Conversely, know that your loving care and attention will result in a delightful harvest. Flowering should begin around day 50, with harvest occurring a little under two weeks later.

Additional information


Cheetah Piss x Cherry Cheesecake

Flowering Time

Indoor: 8-9wks

Outdoor: Late-September

Sativa Dominant

70% Sativa, 30% Indica

Packeted Size

10 Seeds, 20 Seeds, 5 Seeds

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