Apple Fritter (Feminized)


Apple Fritter (Feminized)

If you love a deliciously sweet, fruity, and gassy cannabis strain, then Apple Fritter could be your next favorite consumable. Chances are you’ve seen it on dispensary menus.    

Apple Fritter buds appear thick and dense, with a somewhat foxtail look to them. Their color tends to be dark green with dark purple spots throughout the buds, and a thick coat of trichomes. If you haven’t tried Apple Fritter yet, you should. Here’s why.  

Apple Fritter was created by the breeders at Lumpy’s Flowers nearly a decade ago. Lumpy’s is a growing company known for many cultivars like Reckless Rainbow, Cherry Jane, Truffle Runtz, and Candy Apple Haze. Apple Fritter is definitely their most famous creation thus far.   

To make Apple Fritter, sometimes called Apple Fritters, Lumpy’s Flowers crossed Sour Apple with Animal Cookies. It is a hybrid and has led to other strains like Cherry Pie and Apple Runtz. It is an extremely potent cultivar. 

You’ll find that a lot of consumers report Apple Fritter’s aroma as a mixture of apple, cheese, and butter; hence the name. So obviously, this is a dessert strain of sorts.  

Apple Fritter should grow into a bushy, dense, medium-sized plant with multiple colas. The strain responds well to low-stress training, topping, and trimming. The flowering time for Apple Fritter is 9-10 weeks. Yet, the maturity time may vary with phenotypes that may lean towards either indica or sativa. When grown outside, Apple Fritters is ready for harvest by mid-October. Outdoor crops can yield as much as 40 ounces per plant when cultivated in hot and humid environments

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Additional information


Sour Apple x Animal Cookies

Flowering Time

Indoor: 7-8wks

Outdoor: Mid-October

Split Dominant

50% Sativa, 50% Indica

Packeted Size

10 Seeds, 20 Seeds, 5 Seeds

You’d think that a strain with such an incredible reputation would have a very clear history, but Apple Fritter wins awards left and right without people knowing much about her. Said to be a hybrid strain that was created by crossing Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, she’s popular up and down the state of California.


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