Exploring the History of Landrace Strains

landrace cannabis strains

Cannabis and hemp have been used by humans for centuries for everything from clothing to medicine to food. Nowadays, strains are often genetically modified to optimize the experience, but with so many choices, it’s easy to get lost.  At Premium Seed Market, we are here to bring you high-quality seeds to fulfill your cannabis needs. […]

Cultivar Breakdown (Sativa Dominant): Jack Herer

jack herer strain seeds

Here at Premium Seed Market, we take pride in consistently providing our customers with an excellent selection of the best seeds around. We also value transparency and information when it comes to knowing everything there is to know about the strains/cultivars we feature. In one of our previous blogs, we talked about some techniques to […]

Cannabis Cultivation 101: Germinating Seeds

germinating cannabis seeds

With the abundance of free available resources that encompass our needs and wants for all things cannabis, setting up grow spaces, finding the right seeds, and growing your own flower is easier than ever

Cannabis Homegrow Culture in California

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Whether you are excited about the upcoming outdoor grow season in Northern California, or you have been happily harvesting indoors all year, The Golden State and its citizens are no strangers to cannabis homegrow culture.  

How to Choose the Best Seeds for Your Needs

Growing your own cannabis flower is easier than ever these days. Cultivation materials are widely available, and many states have tons of access to genetics and seeds that meet every grower’s needs.

Growing Your Own Flower

Regardless of whether the state you live in allows it or not, cannabis is making its place in the U.S. and becoming increasingly more accepted within society.  With more legal states offering growers certain forms of cultivation provisions along with the wide amount of available information, cannabis continues to work its way into our backyards.  […]

Homegrown: Choosing Trustworthy US Seed Banks

Growing your own cannabis straight from seed is a fantastic way to get exactly what you want right at your fingertips. State-led legalization is spreading. And now growing at home is no longer such a far-fetched thought. 

Why We’re the Best US Seed Bank

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Premium Seed Market is a collective of licensed cannabis growers. We have been operating in Oregon for over two decades.  We have cultivation experience with 150+ strains. We’ve also selected the absolute cultivars.  We have years of breeding and cultivation experience. Our team believes these seeds represent some of the best strains available anywhere in […]

Animals Make Cannabis Farm Their Safe Sanctuary in Colombia

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Animals have found a home and special sanctuary on a very unique cannabis farm in Colombia. Despite their mutual love for all things green, cannabis cultivators and environmentalists aren’t always on speaking terms. If left unregulated or badly managed, cannabis farms can take a pretty hefty toll on the surrounding ecosystem. In California, for instance, […]


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