Waffle Cone Seeds

Waffle Cone Seeds

True to its name, this strain’s buds will remind you of eating a waffle when you crack them open. The aroma and flavor both are very sweet and have a creamy quality to them. If you like sweetness in your cannabis, this one will not disappoint.

When grown carefully from its seeds, the plant produces buds that are quite dense. They have hues of mint green towards the middle and dark green towards the edges. When you see them under the sun, you will see a golden glow that is created by the amber hairs and the powdery trichomes that cover the flower.

The Waffle Cone Strain is a hybrid strain cannabis strain made by crossing Jet Fuel Gelato and Dosilato. The effect is moderate and leaves the body relaxed. This strain is best for day time use and helps a lot in social activities like singing and dancing. It also leaves the user focused and creative. This marvelous strain is grown by Compound Genetics. This strain has big flowers and about 26%. There is a golden waffle cone brown which clings to the flower that glows in the sunlight. This is because of the powdery flowers and long fiery amber orange stigmas and dense, tight, structure.

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Dosilato x Jet Fuel Gelato

Flowering Time

Indoor: 7-9wks Outdoor: Early-September

Indica Dominant

70% Indica x 30% Sativa

Packet Size

10 Seeds, 100 Seeds, 1000 Seeds

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This strain features a flavor profile that is reminiscent of its name, with a creamy sugar flavor and sweet aroma. Waffle Cone buds are dense and lumpy with mint green foliage that appears gold in the sunlight.

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