Papaya Bomb


Papaya Bomb

Papaya produces bright green nugs that give off a bit of a sour, funky smell. When you use this strain, you can expect a sweet, spicy flavor with notes of black pepper and herbs.

This strain that can be grown by new and experienced growers with ease inside, outside or in a greenhouse. It is suitable for the Sea of Green method. For the best aroma and flavor, Papaya should be grown outdoors. Flowering times for Papaya are short, it usually finishes within eight weeks and can produce up to 150 grams indoors or up to 800 grams at full height outside.

The initial sour smell surprises many users, who are expecting something completely different. Eventually, you will get the fruity, creamy tropical scent you anticipated. The tanginess of the fruit flavors is alluring and sets you up for a delicious tasting strain.

The Papaya strain consists of large, round buds that tend to look like a football. However, some people suggest that they look more like a closed fist. The creamy orange pistils look pleasant against the bright green of the leaves. The small trichomes sprinkled on the calyxes give you a little indication of how potent this strain is.


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Ice No.2 xCitral No.13. x Manga

Flowering Time

Indoor: 7-8wks
Outdoor: – Early October

Indica Dominant

60% Indica x 40% Sativa

Packet Size

10 Seeds, 100 Seeds, 1000 Seeds

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Papaya produces bright green nugs that give off a bit of a sour, funky smell. When you smoke this strain, you can expect a sweet, spicy flavor with notes of black pepper and herbs.

Papaya Bomb

Papaya Bomb is a standout strain for growers seeking a unique combination of tropical flavor, effects, and ease of cultivation. This 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid, resulting from a cross between Papaya and Canna-Bomb, is celebrated for its rich, fruity aroma that closely resembles its namesake, with underlying earthy notes.

Genetics of Papaya Bomb

Papaya Bomb is a relatively recent addition to the cannabis world, bringing together a unique combination of genetics to create a strain with distinctive characteristics. This indica-dominant hybrid is a result of crossing two potent and flavorful strains: Papaya and Canna-Bomb.


Papaya is known for its tropical fruit flavor profile, closely resembling the taste and aroma of the actual papaya fruit. Papaya contributes to Papaya Bomb’s sweet, fruity notes and is also responsible for the relaxing benefits that the strain is anecdotally known for. As its name suggests, Canna-Bomb brings potency to Papaya Bomb, along with a robust growth pattern that contributes to the strain’s potentially high yields and resilience.

Growing Papaya Bomb

Growing Papaya Bomb is a straightforward process, suitable for both novice and experienced cultivators. Papaya Bomb, known for its adaptability, can be successfully grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. It responds well to the Sea of Green (SOG) method, making it a great choice for indoor setups where space optimization is key. However, for the best development of its aroma and flavor profile, outdoor cultivation is recommended, where it can fully benefit from natural elements.


The plant itself is characterized by large, round buds that are dense and visually striking, often resembling the shape of a football or a closed fist. The creamy orange pistils contrast beautifully against the bright green leaves, adding to its aesthetic appeal. The presence of tiny trichomes on the calyxes hints at the potency of this strain.


In terms of flowering time, Papaya Bomb is relatively quick to mature. Indoors, the strain typically finishes flowering in about 7 to 8 weeks. In terms of yield, it is quite productive. Indoor growers can expect to harvest up to 150 grams per plant, while outdoor cultivation can yield up to a staggering 800 grams per plant at full height. It is usually ready for harvest in early October.

Aroma and Flavor of Papaya Bomb

Papaya Bomb, as a standout strain within the cannabis world, captures the essence of the tropics through its intensely rich aroma. Drawing heavily from its genetic heritage, the scent is predominantly characterized by the sweet, luscious notes that are unmistakably reminiscent of ripe papaya. 

This vividly fruity aroma transports one to a tropical haven, evoking images of sun-drenched orchards brimming with fresh papayas. The sensory journey doesn’t end there; it’s beautifully layered with an array of subtle earthy undertones. These grounding notes provide a contrasting depth to the overwhelming sweetness, culminating in a complex and inviting aromatic bouquet that is as refreshing as it is intriguing.

When it transitions from aroma to flavor, Papaya Bomb seamlessly maintains its tropical allure. Upon consumption, users are treated to an exquisite taste that reflects the enticing fragrance it’s known for. The sweet, vibrant essence of papaya takes center stage, offering a rich and authentic tropical sweetness that’s both bold and delightful. 

This predominant fruity flavor is nuanced with hints of earthiness, which come through subtly yet importantly, adding an essential depth and balance to the taste profile. Such a blend combines the exotic taste of papaya with a grounded, earthy finish, creating an overall experience that’s not only refreshing but multifaceted.

This compelling mix of flavors, characterized by a dominant fruity sweetness beautifully married with earthy tones, makes for an immensely enjoyable sensory experience. It appeals especially to those with a penchant for fruity and natural flavors, offering a distinct taste that’s both vibrant and balanced. 

For connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike, the taste experience delivered by Papaya Bomb is reminiscent of a tropical getaway, making each session unique and memorable. The strain’s ability to encapsulate the complexity of its natural influences, morphing from aroma to taste, establishes Papaya Bomb as a delightful choice for anyone seeking a refreshing and engaging cannabis experience.


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