Mac Dre


Mac Dre

Combining two legendary strains in Miracle Alien Cookies and Blue Dream, our Mac Dre strain will keep you coming back for more! Between its easy growing style and high yields this is a strain built for all gardens and different level growers.

Here at PSM we designed our Mac Dre strain for any and all growers as it is specifically bred to thrive in most environments indoor and outdoor. Combining the hardiness and large yields of our coveted Blue Dream with the cannabinoid production of the MAC, this strain is designed for any grower from beginners to experts alike.

An evenly balanced hybrid, Mac Dre tends to top out at a larger than normal cannabinoid content. Each resin-covered flower has a meaty feel to it, letting you know that you’re about to embark upon an intense journey. Those who enjoy pungent flavors and aromas will love her mixture of diesel, berry, and sour citrus notes.

According to our breeders, it is best to give Mac Dre between  7-9 weeks to fully mature. If grown outdoors, we suggest harvesting no later than Mid-October. If your temperatures drop under 55 degrees Fahrenheit the blue/purple hues will start to emanate throughout the flower giving it the aesthetic look of the Blue Dream parent mixed with the heavy trichome production of the MAC.



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Additional information


Blue Dream x MAC

Flowering Time

Indoor: 7-9wks
Outdoor: – Mid October

Split Dominant

50% Sativa x 50% Indica

Packet Size

10 Seeds, 100 Seeds, 50 Seeds

Use coupon code “summer23” to DOUBLE your order!

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