Cali Sour

Cali Sour

Appearance-wise, a California Sour plant is short and bushy with strong lateral branches. Its buds are indica in structure, and its flowers are chunky and heavily coated in a layer of sticky, white, tacky flowers.

California Sour is distinguished by medium-sized flowers that adhere in chunky, irregular shapes. The buds have an indica-looking structure, with relatively small leaves that twist tightly inward toward their central stems. These leaves are a dark forest green and are twisted through with contrasting brown and orange pistils. A carpet of icy, translucent trichomes covers the flowers, making them very sticky to the touch.

Described as offensive and off-putting by some, California Sour has a bold flavor that mixes top notes of gasoline with some fruity accents. Taking a deeper whiff of the flowers may also pick up on a sour odor, similar to fermented vegetable matter. Grinding up or breaking apart the flower yields a deep peppery scent that’s so characteristic of parent strain Afghani.



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Lemon Diesel x Sour Diesel OG

Flowering Time

Indoor: 9-10wks Outdoor: Late-October

Sativa Dominant

70% Sativa x 30% Indica

Packet Size

10 Seeds, 100 Seeds, 1000 Seeds

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