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Blending two of the worlds most distinguished strains, Blueberry OG is a varietal no grower can pass up. Containing the classic power of the Blueberry with the psychoactive roots of the coveted Original OG, this strain packs a genetic punch that leaves you begging for more. Blueberry OG tends to grow medium in height with a flagrance of sweet citrus with a musky undertone in its densely packed flower.


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Developed in the West Coast, this Blueberry offshoot was spliced and bred and bred again until the physical profile was thoroughly concentrated and hybridized, creating a singularly rich Blueberry scent and rich aesthetic qualities.

As would most certainly be expected from a strain called Blueberry OG, this strain has the immediately noticeable first smell of fresh blueberries.

The original Blueberry strain, simply called “Blueberry,” was well known for the smell of fresh, bursting blueberries. With Blueberry OG, the smell is a bit more textured than that, carrying with it the scent of the forest around the blueberries themselves, as well as an earthy tone.

This upscale highly rewarding hybrid will leave any grower breathless upon seeing it in late flower. Huge flowers develop on the maturing plant.  A rich fragrance of sweet citrus and musk flood from every harvest. The plant grows medium height with many rewarding side branches allowing for a harvest up to 700gr/m2.

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OG kush xBlueberry

Flowering Time

Indoor: 8wks

Outdoor: October

Indica Dominant

70% Indica/30% Sativa

Packet Size

10 Seeds, 100 Seeds, 1000 Seeds

7 reviews for Blueberry OG Seeds

  1. Scott Buchanan (verified owner)

    5 out of 5 popped in under 48 hours using a tsw2000. The tallest is 28″ from the bottom of 5 gallon fabric grow bag and will flip to 12/12 on the 21st of November. Did not top this grow wanting to see how it pans out. 40-50% humidity temp, 73-78° light set at 100% and 2 feet above in a 4×4 tent. Will update with picture before 48 hours of darkness.

  2. D. B. Lambert (verified owner)

    Popped 5 seeds in 12 hours. One seedling broke over and died. 4 plants transferred outside grew great unfortunately 3 of 4 were male and was destroyed. One survivor is doing great has heavy colas and plenty of Tricombs. About 2 more weeks to harvest, should be good!

  3. Oregon Green

    ALWAYS pleased with end results!!!! purchased many of the strains always A+++ service, vigorus genetics with great final product & unbeatable price. i’ll be back again & again. KEEPING OREGON GREEN!

  4. Charlie (verified owner)

    Fast shipping thanks again

  5. Jimdanndy (verified owner)

    Seeds popped in 12 hrs a 1/4 inch high in soil in24hrs very impressive…

  6. Howard G.

    Wow. Great results!

  7. Dale McHenry

    Killer cross. Nice results.

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