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Jager Kush, named after the famous German licorice schnapps, Jagermeister, is a potent Indica dominant strain created and perfected in Oregon. Jager combines two legendary strains; Blue Dream and LA Confidential, and has a deep setting high that progresses towards tiredness and total muscle relaxation making it more suited as a nighttime strain.

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Jager Kush immediately establishes its bag appeal with large, chunky flowers. The flowers have a spade-like shape, almost resembling pine cones, tapering down from a broad base to a pointed tip. The buds adhere in a dense, indica-typical structure with dark green leaves and rust-colored pistils. Most phenotypes of the strain also boast streaks of deep purple — these striking colors are the byproduct of colder-than-average weather affecting the plants’ pigments (called anthocyanins) during the growing process. These already-colorful flowers are also coated in translucent amber trichomes, accounting for their psychoactivity and giving them a very sticky texture.

Like its namesake liquor, Jager Kush has a pronounced aroma of black licorice. When inspected more closely, dank scents of musk and damp earth are also at play. Meanwhile, grinding up or breaking open these dense buds yield some traces of diesel. This strain has a surprisingly smooth smoke for an indica; on the exhale, this smoke has a herbal, tobacco-like flavor, along with some sweet licorice that lingers on the palate. Notably, Jager Kush offers no grape flavors, despite its often entirely purple flowers — this is because the pigments that determine the leaves’ color do not have a corresponding effect on their aroma.

Jager Kush is hard to find and most seed banks around the world can’t offer this varietal and growers rely mostly on cuttings…fortunately you have come to the right place!  Get this rare strain while we still have it in stock!

Additional information


Black Licorice, Earthy, Lemon


LA Confidential x Blue Dream

Use Cases

Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia

Flowering Time

Indoor: 8wks

Outdoor: Mid-October

Indica Dominant

80% Indica/20% Sativa

Packet Size

10 Seeds, 100 Seeds, 1000 Seeds

14 reviews for Jager Kush Seeds

  1. Lyon (verified owner)

    Jager Kush at 47 days of flower. 100% cloudy trichomes. Her two sisters are just a few days behind this one. Very stable genetics.

    Backstory and grow experience: a friend had a sack of Jager and called me begging for me to grow some. (Very very hard to find!) I ordered during the Christmas mail frenzy, the check out was seamless, and I had them in the dirt in 7 days. Thay popped on Jan. 1. This one was harvested this morning March 18. I literally had to make space for them, so they were put in one gallon pots with hardly any veg time. One was lollipoped all the way up to the 7th node, one was slightly LST, and the other was left alone. 10 clones are almost ready from the one pictured and all will be lollipoped (much bigger nugs and less space requirements) its the way to go…imo

    Look for my reviews soon from Apple Fritter and Skunk!

    Thanks Premium

    Jager Kush Seeds
  2. Jeremy Cusick (verified owner)

    I grew this outdoors this summer (southern Illinois med grower), and PACKED a 5 gallon bucket off each of the 2 plants I grew in my backyard. The flavor profile matches the description. I did have one plant take on the typical Christmas tree form at 6′, but the other one was close to 10′ tall after topping a couple times, so there is some variety (which I personally don’t mind). I’ll be setting another of these ladies outside next season.

  3. Growhousefarmer (verified owner)

    30 purchased, 10 sprouts via waterglass method, 6 females/4males

  4. Jonathan Partin (verified owner)

    True to the name jager kush is a blast for your taste buds

  5. Bill Thurman (verified owner)

    I live in southern oregon and i couldn’t believe finding these seeds can’t wait till next spring and got a free 10 of mixed seeds free
    First order with any seed company thank you very much awesome service and shipping

  6. Carter Willis

    Thick and sticky bud. Crazy yields for me, still can’t believe it. Thanks again!

  7. Gregory Rosenburg

    Been growing Jager for past two summers outside in Mid Michigan. I’ve never had a plant that produced less than a pound for me (10 gallon buckets). Truly remarkable stuff and doesn’t even require many nutes or attention. Great stuff.

  8. Christopher Pancini

    Grown this strain inside and outside, always done pretty darn well for me. I live in Illinois and it always seems to kill it for me. Very pleased with this strain.

  9. Harry Bojas

    Super tacky stuff, very unique flower. All beans popped and grew pretty fast. Thanks again guys.

  10. Leonard Hastings

    Easy to grow and extreme trichome production on this strain. Just, wow!

  11. Alvin Ferreira

    Lovely plants. I’m a total beginner and was told by PSM’s sales team that this would be a great choice for me. So happy they steered me into this strain, definitely one of my new favorites!

  12. Gary Henderson

    THANK YOU PSM! Jager Kush is actually available outside southern Oregon now, hallelujah! All my gals did about a pound per light, incredible.

  13. Vance Munroy

    Incredible strain. My buddy lives in Oregon and pleaded with me to give Jager a shot *pun intended*….Glad i did. Powerful, vigorous plants. Bud looks just like the pictures. Love it.

  14. Brenda Collins

    PSM you answered our prayers. FINALLY a true Jager Kush for sale, finally! All turned out great for my friends and I. Beautiful flower, taste is undeniable.

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