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Early Rouge was developed  many years ago and is now consider an original Southern Oregon strain. The exact ancestry of Early Rouge is highly debated, but its results speak for itself. This is the strain you want. Enormous buds with incredibly high yields. Early Rouge plants can reach up to 15 ft. tall and 15 ft. in diameter with yields of 5 to 7 lbs per plant. Additionally, this strain is mold and pest resistant and it is an early finisher.

Every (1) packet comes with 10 seeds for $29.99.

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10 reviews for Early Rogue Seeds

  1. Joe (verified owner)

    Got 1 out of 2 about ready to harvest in couple weeks. 1 turned male and pulled. I’m hoping this is the same strain i grew last year from free mixed seeds. Don’t know what they are until grown and even then…still, had to pull 3 of them turned male. Don’t know if I want any more “free” mixed seeds.
    the 1 girl is looking good. Not growing outdoors as suggested,but inside tent . May not get poundage, but what I will get will get me by for next several months until next harvest…I hope!

  2. Oregon Green (verified owner)

    2021 summer i had 5 outdoor all between 12 – 15ft in 15 or 20gal pots topped multi times looked like trees ( load pics soon) by far the biggest i’ve grown & yield. now i’m back for more of this strain. i have purchased more than half of strains on this site some strains a few times including the new strains( dogwalker og x 2, apple fritter x 2, early rouge x 2, lemon haze, scooby snack x3, god bud x 2, blueberry og x 2. after collecting from many other banks & co’s ( most over priced) Premium seed market is a great place to get your $$ worth the most healthy, vigorus seeds all my beans i’ve yet to get 1 male .. none. i support my people from Oregon , we keep it Green . Early Rouge is Outdoor King

  3. Minto (verified owner)

    Here are pics of the most advanced plant

  4. Minto (verified owner)

    OK so it’s now August 30th and I’ve had six of these (females) going all summer. Two of them are ahead and will be ready to harvest in less than 2 weeks, around September 15th, which is great. They are putting on very nice flowers, with a fruity and peppery smell. The leaf to flower ratio is kind of high, so there will be a lot of trimming to do. Overall I’d classify this strain as a sativa-leaning hybrid, the leaves are thin-ish and the odor is not skunky at all. I haven’t had any rain or even high humidity, so I can’t comment on the mold resistance.

    Oddly enough, one of the 6 I’m growing is extremely sativa and is just now starting to put on flower. Either it is another strain accidentally mixed in, or the genetics of this “Rogue” strain haven’t settled into a reliable phenotype. I was going to kill this plant off then I just said what the heck let’s see what it is going to do.

    The plants indeed wanted to stretch up to 15 feet high. I had to top the ones I had in the greenhouse multiple times. The ones outside the greenhouse I had in 20 gallon plastic pots and they are 10-14 feet tall.

    Well I hope this gives you some more information on this somewhat mysterious strain.

  5. Master Farmer

    Love what im seeing biggest girl I’ve ever had at 63 days young … Defoliation is crazy,

  6. CoachGreenhouse (verified owner)

    Bomb genetics and i know its the biggest lady ive ever encountered at 40 days young Beasts!!!!

  7. Minto (verified owner)

    Just germinated these seeds, they all popped and show vigorous growth right out of the split seed. Got um in 1 gallons under lights for 18 hours just waiting for a month until I can get them out in the summer sun in 30 gallon smart pots. Will report back but so far so good.

  8. James McMahon (verified owner)

    This strain has great potential. If you sex it and clone it from a tested female and then start this inside and give it many tops. This strain will indeed yield massive amounts finishing about oct 10th. It does not have much of a smell but it has a smooth mild sweet taste that is very pleasant.
    I am an excellent grower and the finished product is nice.

  9. Ryan Driscoll Jr.

    Gigantic seeds. Produced 5lbs off 2 of my strong ones inside. Spectacular.

  10. Lewis Harrison

    Largest seeds I’ve ever seen. Like, truly crazy. Popped right away. Grew about 11ft outside for me in a 10 gallon planter. Can’t imagine if I went larger on the bucket size. Awesome strain.

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