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Every one of our premium seeds from our US cannabis seed bank is the result of over 30 years of experience producing and testing more than 150 varietals, including the world’s top strains in Oregon. We provide some of the world’s most popular cannabis seeds including several award winning and legendary strains with genetics you can trust!

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We have been licensed medical growers in Oregon for over two decades. We have grown over 150 strains and selected the best varietals on the market. We continue to select the very best outdoor and indoor seeds and plants of each strain for breeding. After many years of breeding, we believe that our seed bank represents  some of the best strains available anywhere. 

For too long European, Canadian and American based seed banks have taken advantage of the everyday grower charging outrageous prices for seeds that may not even pop and genetics that haven’t been stabilized. That’s where we come in! 

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Shipping time is 3-5 days for US based customers. All packages are labeled with discretion.

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Producing primarily phenotypically presenting females is an efficient approach to streamlining the cultivation of cannabis and hemp flower. We provide the best feminized seeds for that anyone can grow successfully indoor or outdoor, beginners to experts alike. Here in Oregon, we have spent over three decades testing hundreds of strains, spending countless hours picking the best feminized cannabis varietals and preserving the strongest genetics, and breeding them year after year.


Check out the homegrown cannabis success some of our customers have had with our premium seeds! 

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