How to Choose the Best Cannabis Seeds for Your Needs

Growing your own cannabis flower is easier than ever these days. Online information and forums are abundant, and home setups are advancing. Cultivation materials are widely available, and many states have tons of access to genetics and seeds that meet every grower’s needs.

Here at Premium Seed Market, we specialize in providing you with the finest genetics at a price you can afford — we’ve spent over 30 years researching and testing 100s of strains — subsequently preserving the best possible genetics to offer our customers.

Whether you’re already familiar with the cultivation process, or are a newcomer to this exciting and fulfilling activity, we are here to be your go-to source for the finest seeds as well as relevant educational information. 

So, you may be wondering, How do I choose the best cannabis seeds to fit my unique cultivation needs and specific growing setup?  

Keep reading as we provide some important factors to consider as you’re getting started in your growing journey.

With Cannabis Cultivation, What You’re Looking For is all About Preference! 

When purchasing your new batch of seeds, the first thing to consider is what you want out of your cannabis cultivation experience. 

Everything depends on what suits you and your grow. 

We’re seeing America embrace home grow in a big way, and we could not be more excited to help you make the most out of your buds. 

Here’s a breakdown of some things to keep in mind as you’re thinking about where to begin: 

THC & Terpene Preferences 

Firstly, as you will discover, the best strains aren’t just about high THC percentages: 

  • More breeders are implementing new strains with terpenes in mind and varied cannabinoid percentages in order to accommodate all types of cannabis lovers.  
  • The above means you can still find tasty and pungent strains with low THC percentages. 
  • Many growers and breeders know that canna-enthusiasts and medical patients alike don’t always react well to high THC levels. 

Talkin’ Autoflowering & Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds

Harvesting auto seeds and photoperiod (feminized) seeds are two different games, each with its own unique benefits:

  • The main difference lies in the fact that photo-flowering seeds take longer to grow and offer zero risk of being a male seed. 
  • Although having long flowering times, some of the best terpene and cannabinoid profiles come from long-flowering varieties. 
  • Photoperiod seeds can also be used for breeding, and clones can be cut off for future grows. 
  • At the end of the day, photoperiods offer maximum potency and the greatest yield possible. 
  • If you’re just starting out and have limited knowledge, experience, space, and time, then autoflower seeds might be the better choice for your particular situation.  

Choosing the Best Cannabis Seeds for You at Premium Seed Market

To sum it up, what you want and need is 100% available on the current market. 

It is all about preference, or what you want out of it, knowledge, and what your space looks like. If you smoked a strain you loved, or want to try something out you think looks good—go for it!

Before buying seeds, we always recommend trying to find customer reviews and submitted photos. 

Satisfied Premium Seed Market clients love to send us photos, so check out our Customer Success Gallery!

PSM: Cannabis Genetics You Can Trust

We invite you to check out our cannabis genetics and grow pics on our Instagram page before making a final decision. 

With thousands of satisfied customers and successful grows, our decades of grow and customer support experience won’t stray you in the wrong direction!

*All of our products are in accordance with the Hemp Farming Act Of 2018.

Homegrown Cannabis: Choosing Trustworthy US Seed Banks

Growing your own cannabis straight from seed is a fantastic way to get exactly what you want right at your fingertips. State-led legalization is spreading. And now growing at home is no longer such a far-fetched thought. 

Whether you’re a totally new grower or an experienced cultivator, knowing the ins and outs of purchasing seeds from a trustworthy source is key. If you’ve never bought cannabis seeds before, you’re sure to have tons of questions: 

Are there risks to ordering cannabis seeds online? How do you know which seed banks are reputable? What’s the guaranteed ratio of male-to-female seeds in my order? 

All these questions are crucial if you’ve been looking into starting a fresh grow with new seeds. Selecting the right seed bank that ships to your location is the first step. 

However, finding legitimate and appropriate seeds takes time and research. And, as you may assume, you can’t trust every brand on the internet. 

So, without beating around the bush, let us get straight into it.

Buying the Finest Cannabis Genetics from Premium Seed Market

There are a lot of shady seed bank websites out there. It can be hard to know whether you’re dealing with a trusted, legitimate business with a good product. 

To assist with your decision, this article compiles what you should keep an eye out for when selecting a reputable seed bank. 

We’ve been operating in Oregon for nearly two decades. Here at Premium Seed Market, we bring years of cultivation experience to the table. We pride ourselves on being one of the best seed banks in the United States. 

We aim to go above and beyond these guidelines. Our goals are to deliver the best genetics and uphold our trusted reputation to customers from all over the country.  

Superior Experience & Reliable Reputation  

Starting off, trustworthy seed banks should protect your identity while ensuring discreet shipment. They should also aim to provide their clients with high-quality cannabis seeds over a large selection of strains. 

Fast and discrete shipping is more important than ever in our rapidly changing cannabis sphere. Upholding customer satisfaction is vital to us. Handling changes, updating information, and covering damaged products should all be guaranteed by any trustworthy seed provider. 

From beginners to experts alike, we back the idea of providing seeds that anyone can grow, successfully. 

Seed banks require the overall team experience of having tested hundreds of strains. Countless hours are spent picking the best varietals, and preserving the strongest genetics in order to breed them year after year.

Wide Selection of Legendary Seeds & Strains 

All trustworthy seed banks should offer a great selection of seeds that have been tested and can be grown with ease. Reviews and customer credit are everything. 

Our available strains are among the most popular in the country. Their premium quality has been proven time and time again, always leaving our customers satisfied. 

Among the favorites, our Purple Buddha and Super Lemon Haze seeds are some of the most widely known and grown.  

Finally, whether the seed bank offers Sativa, Indica, and Landrace dominant seeds is always a great thing to look for. Having guaranteed options that cater to various needs is crucial. It shows a substantial range of versatility regarding the seed bank and its cultivators. 

Every one of our seeds is the result of over 30 years of experience producing and testing more than 150 varietals. This includes all the top strains in the Pacific Northwest. 

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You might be thinking of starting a fresh cultivation project… Let’s get you going:

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Please check out our FAQ page for more information on Statewide shipping. 

All of our products are in accordance with the Hemp Farming Act Of 2018.

Why We’re the Best US Cannabis Seed Bank

outdoor autoflower seeds

Premium Seed Market is a collective of licensed medical marijuana growers. We have been operating in Oregon for over two decades. 

We have cultivation experience with 150+ strains. We’ve also selected the absolute best of Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD cultivars. 

We have years of breeding and cultivation experience. Our team believes these seeds represent some of the best strains available anywhere in the United States. 

Keep reading to find out why we’re the best U.S. cannabis seed bank.

Our mission is to bring you affordable cannabis seeds!

We pride our business most on being able to provide you top quality seeds at an affordable price. We believe in the organic distribution of cannabis. Therefore we act as the grower and distributor. 

We don’t purchase our seeds from any other entity. There’s no middle man involved and everything is grown in-house.

Grow your own cannabis:

We provide some of the world’s most popular varietals. These include several award-winning and legendary strains with trusted genetics. 

Our seeds can be grown successfully by anyone! Beginners and experts can do it. We’ve spent countless hours preserving the strongest genetics. 

We’ve also perfected our order process. You can be sure our seeds will arrive safe and in great condition, year after year.   

Seed Shipping & Storage

Our seed packets are shipped out of a distribution center in the midwest. We are able to expedite orders to all corners of the country. Typically, our seeds can last up to two decades (if stored properly). 

Female/Male Ratio

It’s best to assume our packets will contain a female/male ratio of 50:50. (In practice, the natural female/male ratio is more like 65:35.) 

This is because this species of plant spreads its pollen through the air. There is no need for pollinating insects. Therefore, it requires fewer males than females. 

These are the likely ratios. However, we cannot guarantee any specific number of male or female seeds for purchase.

Featured: Blue Dream Seeds for Sale!

Good grows start with even better seeds. This month we’re excited to feature our premium Blue Dream seeds. 

It is the most widely-grown strain on the West Coast. It contains a dense bud structure with trichomes packed in deep. It, therefore, gives off a sparkly glistening type look. 

Blue Dream is a cross between Blueberry and original Haze. It is a Sativa dominant heavy-hitting strain worth every ounce put into it. 

It has a sweet berry aroma, much like its Blueberry parent. Blue Dream delivers quick symptom relief without a heavy sedative effect. 

Our Blue Dream seeds are pest and mold-resistant and do very well in outdoor and indoor environments. 

Our Top-Rated Cannabis Seeds

We know that choosing a new strain to grow can be tough. Here are our top-rated cannabis seed selections:

Jager Kush

Jager Kush is named after Jagermeister. It is a potent Indica-dominant strain. 

Jager Kush was created and perfected in Oregon. It has a deep setting high and is more suited for nighttime use. 

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a strong Sativa-leaning hybrid. It is known for its distinct strawberry and tropical-like taste. 

It is a strain that generally does better indoors (under warmer temperatures). It will keep you alert and focused, yet relaxed.

White Widow

White Widow: this is a Dutch-bred varietal. This strain won the High Times Cup in 1995. 

This pearly, “white-trichomed” bud is great because of its high adaptability and easy-going nature.

Original Blueberry

Original Blueberry is a beautiful strain that produces red and purple hues. It finishes with a blueberry-like aroma and an unmistakable blueberry taste.

Premium Seed Market – The Best Cannabis Seeds from Oregon

We pride ourselves on being the best U.S. cannabis seed bank. When you buy two or more packets of our premium seeds–you’ll receive free shipping with every order!
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